Intercom Press publications are written by teachers actively teaching EFL classes here in Japan. Each text has been written to address the needs of the Japanese student, based on each teacher's own personal experience, training, education and desired language objective. In addition, all our publications share one common theme: Get the students to use the language. This is the same whether the desired skill is conversation or composition. The students need the proper environment and the encouragement to use the language, without hesitation or fear.

As we all know, we have so little time with the students, that getting the most from them in the short time they are in class is important. Our educational materials, have been tested and proven to work in the classroom, providing satisfaction to the teacher as they encourage student progress in a fun and effective manner.


Workshops and Support

We believe hands-on workshops are a sure way to gain a clear understanding of the use of our materials, and we are happy to give one at the drop of a hat. We often give workshops and presentations at conferences and bookfairs around the country, but will come to your school as well. You can arrange a workshop or visit by contacting us by phone, fax or email.

In addition to workshops, we are also ready to offer advice and encouragement to teachers in need. Contact us anytime.

Paul Shimizu

Paul Shimizu
Publishing Director


  • Graduated University of London
  • Taught Mathematics in London Comprehensive schools for a total of 11 years.
  • Has taught English in Japan in the spectrum of Educational Establishments since 1982.
  • Interested in curriculum change and development.
  • Currently teaching university classes in the Fukuoka area.