NOTICE: (December 2010)

As of December 2010 Intercom Press has appointed as our exclusive distributor in Japan. We recommend that teachers, language schools and students contact them directly to order our texts. Of course, you may also continue ordering through your current book seller.

ALL of the publications listed in our catalog and product list are available for immediate shipping.

In the event a bookseller or school office responds that an Intercom Press publication is unavailable or out-of-print, it is probable the order was placed through a book seller that does not have an account with

Please contact us if this occurs. Send us any contact information you may have for the bookseller, or at least your school name, and we will have work with your bookseller to ensure that your texts are available when you need them.

We apologize for any inconvenience which may occur.

Ordering in Japan

Intercom Press no longer accepts direct orders.

To ensure your texts arrive on-time and in the proper numbers for your classes, consider ordering from

International Orders

We do accept international orders, but request payment in advance. Bank transfer or credit cards are accepted.

Also, please be aware that international shipping from Japan can be quite expensive and will be added to your order.


Click here to go to to order.


Download an PDF order form.
Then just fill it in and fax it to them.


You may also order from most book sellers or your university co-op.

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